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Garfagnana is a magical and unspoiled place that offers plenty of opportunities!

Its magnificent territory is full of history and legends, but above all it is rich in biodiversity that leaves room for

natural balance.

The most adventurous can choose from numerous outdoor activities such as MTB, trekking, canyoning and climbing, and the families can enjoy picturesque and easy walks in the chestnut woods, perhaps in search of mushrooms or to spot a beautiful roe deer! If you don’t mind a bit of driving, you can easily reach Barga (considered one the most beautiful towns in Italy), or the thermal springs of Bagni di Lucca. In short, Trassilico is your ideal base in an area to be discovered!


Trassilico, "trans pertusum silicem" or "trans silicem", through the stone, is a small village located 720 meters above sea level.

The name probably derives from the fact that the wonderful Apuan Alps, standing out against the backdrop of the village, offer a unique natural spectacle: the double sunset. The sun, twice a year, during its sunset phase, disappears behind the Mount Forato and then reappears through the natural arch that characterizes this mountain of the Apuan Alps thus giving the illusion of a double sunset.

The village of Trassilico has an important historical meaning given its strategic position in control of the entire Serchio Valley. Witness of this fact is the splendid Rocca, recently restored and made more accessible and where, at the time when the village was under the dominion of the Este, a mayor resided. Here justice was administered and the parliaments of the ancient municipalities of the district met here. The view that is offered to the visitor from the top of the Rocca is magnificent and that alone would deserve a visit.

The attractions of the place are not limited only to the splendid Rocca, in fact the village is rich in architectural curiosities, stories and works of art, among which the majestic sixteenth-century altarpiece by the artist Simone Carretti located in the church of San Pietro, one of the three present in the village.


The Park is an equipped area for outdoor sports and adventure activities, completely surrounded by greenery and made accessible to the public without modifying nature itself in any way, but rather adapting to the natural characteristics that the environment offers.


The Grotta del Vento (The Wind Cave) presents an exceptional variety of aspects of underground karst, ranging from bright and living stalactites and stalagmites, to ponds, waterways, forms of erosion, mud formations and even perfectly vertical wells that can be visited with comfortable paths.


Live the Garfagnana and its beauty. An emotion every day.

Holiday ideas, experiences, typical products, stories and events.


Discover the wonderful historic center of Barga, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

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