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The best is only a step away

From the garden to the plate

Good and plentiful food is inextricably linked to Italian culture and the often-cited “dolce vita” (literally “sweet life”). Foreigners who visit restaurants in Italy are very rarely disappointed. The (stereo)typical obsession of Italians with food becomes palpable in the vast range of regional culinary traditions and in the outstanding quality of ingredients and outcomes alike. But we don’t want to stop there: on top of the goodness we are striving for an ethically and environmentally responsible way to prepare our dishes.


The more we manage to produce with our own hands in the gardens or gather in the surrounding unspoilt forests, the better we know what kind of raw ingredients we are dealing with in the kitchen. This enables us to bypass long transport lines, unnecessary additives and processing, offering a fresh and tasteful eating experience. We are starting with a selection of unique “garden to plate” recipes in 2019, with the aim of continuously expanding the home-grown ratio and making it the new normal.


At this initial stage of the project however, it is very clear that we will not manage to grow all of the ingredients by ourselves. When we do rely on other suppliers, we adopt a conscious attitude and try to promote and support more sustainable products and small-scale producers.


Even though we share many of the values and ideals of veganism and vegetarianism, you will still find meat, dairy and eggs on the menu. We are far from being dogmatic vegans, but wholeheartedly agree with their criticism that far too much meat and dairy are being produced and consumed in our society - thus for health and environmental reasons we give priority to plant-based products. Some of the more conservative folks in the village might find the prospect of not having a main meat dish on the menu every day a little bit challenging – on the other hand, we are deeply concerned about the mass exploitation of animals, wasting of valuable cereals and legumes as fodder and a planet that is literally dying. That is why for now, we meet somewhere in the middle: serving the occasional meat dish, while always providing plant-based choices for vegans and vegetarians.