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Discover Trassilico and the Garfagnana area

Hiking, Climbing and Ski-Touring

Trassilico is set in a panoramic position at an altitude of about 700 metres above sea level, dominating the Serchio valley and offering stunning views in all directions. It is the ideal basecamp to explore the Southern part of the Apuan Alps. Even though not being connected to the Alps, given their cliffy nature and towering peaks they are often dubbed “the Alps of Tuscany”. In less than two hours walk from the village you can reach the Monte Palodina (1.170 m) with its stupendous 360 degree panorama. More ambitious hikes lead to Monte Croce (1.314 m) or Monte Forato (1.230 m) – the latter is considered a landmark and one of the main attractions of the region, featuring a hole in the mountain more than 30 meters wide, resulting in the famous “double sunset” twice a year (the sun first sets on the mountain and then reemerges through the hole). The nearby Pania della Croce (1.858 m) is rightly called “the Queen of the Apuan Alps”, with her little sister Pania Secca (1.711 m) standing right next to her. All of the peaks mentioned above offer an uncomparable view of the coastline and the Mediterrean Sea. But even those staying far from the peaks will enjoy a biologically and aesthetically rich landscape. On demand, we offer guided hikes for groups with a trained nature-guide and biologist.

More advanced and independent mountaineers will find delight in the wide range of mountain sport possibilities that the area offers. Numerous climbing and fixed-rope routes (spring to autumn) and ski-touring (including sea-view!) and ice-climbing possibilities (winter) are waiting to be discovered by those who are constantly on the lookout for the next insiders’ tip and a genuine area not yet overrun by mass tourism.

Mountainbiking and Downhill trails

Being prominently built on a mountain crest, Trassilico lies at the heart of a vast mountainbiking territory. For those who like riding technically challenging trails, there are three downhill options starting right at the village: “Zappello”, “Capre” and “Piastreto” offer an old-school trail experience, providing a little-known alternative to the busy trails in the Alps. Trailriders, this is as “off the beaten track” as it gets! Technically less skilled bikers also find their share of trails around the village. Some of them even allow reaching the neighboring valley of Fabbriche di Vallico.

The ancient walls of Trassilico

Throughout the middle age and beyond, Trassilico used to be one of the most important centres of administration in the Garfagnana territory. In modern times, the village experienced partial abandonment, but the historical importance and past glory of the place becomes evident at first sight. The entire village appears like an open-air museum, but the historical experience peaks on the highest point of the settlement. There we find the newly restored “Rocca Estense”, a more than thousand years old fortress. The panoramic sight it offers used to be essential for strategic and military reasons in the past. Today it allows us to peacefully enjoy a unique view over the village, the Appennines, the Serchio valley and the dramatic mountain peaks of the Apuan Alps.


The Garfagnana region offers innumerable possibilities for historical sightseeing. From a multitude of hilltop stone-built villages to the medieval towns of Barga (awarded one of Italy’s most beautiful towns!) and Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, from the huge Verrucole fortress to the elegant “Devil’s Bridge” – the interested visitor could easily spend several weeks exploring the variety of sights in the near surroundings. Even the world-famous and art-loaded cities of Lucca, Pisa and Florence are all easily reachable in a day trip, as is the Tyrrhenian Sea with the renowned “Cinque Terre” coastal villages.